kintone v The Market: A Comparison

Companies competing in the same market inevitably offer very similar products for consumers to choose from. However, it is often difficult to fully understand which product is suitable for your business. That’s why we thought it would be useful to compare kintone’s marketplace competitors and see just how we stack up against them. This blog will present features of kintone, Salesforce, Zoho and QuickBase based on in an unbiased way, of course.


kintone’s security certifications comprise the ISO 27001/ 27002. For those who aren’t entirely sure, the ISO series are a set of information security standards published by the International Organisation for Standardisation, providing a framework of policies and procedures for companies to implement in managing their information security. Salesforce and Zoho are also accredited with this certificate, as well as a few others as seen in the table below. QuickBase’s security consists of SOC 1 and SOC 2, related to protection of financial statements, and such things as integrity and confidentiality of security.

All four companies contain encryption of sensitive data at rest, as well as HTTPS for all pages. Multi-factor authentication options, and data backup in multiple locations/ GEO regions are common to all also.


Price is important for businesses, and can make or break a deal.

Intended Users

The intended users for each service varies.

Devices Supported

The devices which each service can be used on affects accessibility and, in turn, productivity. Depending on your needs certain platforms will be more useful than others.


The following table compares all the features of each service- and yes, it’s quite a lengthy list so get your cup of tea ready.

Star Rating on GetApp

This blog was based off GetApp with the star ratings for each company as follows:

So, what did you think? Hopefully this article helped you get an idea of the services offered on the market, and exactly how kintone stacks up against its competitors.


Tsuyoshi Endo

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Tsuyoshi Endo