kintone in action – Customer Service

The kintone in action series introduces new ways kintone can operate in certain business environments. Today, we look at how kintone is handy in handling complaints.

Case Study: Diana Figaro, Customer Services Manager

Current Issue: Our complaints are not processed on a database and thus it is extremely hard to tell whether a customer complaint has been addressed or not. Trends are hard to grasp, and it is impossible to tell which stores are receiving complaints and why. Follow ups are tedious and time consuming.

Solution: kintone’s Complaints Management App can be used to manage information at all stages of the customer complaints process.


  • Notifications can be sent to the appropriate personnel in charge of that particular complaint
  • The status and progress of complaints processing can be checked easily
  • Claims processes can be compared by using the search feature
  • Graphs can also be created easily to visualise trends
Tsuyoshi Endo

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Tsuyoshi Endo