kintone in action – Store Operations

The kintone in action series introduces new ways kintone can operate in certain business environments. Today, we look at how kintone is handy in sharing information between stores.

Case Study: Bridget Prior, Store Manager

Current Issue: Knowledge and information between stores is not being shared effectively. The status and progress of other stores’ tasks is not transparent also. I have noticed that all data, claims, injury reports, operational reports, and the like, are written on paper and sent via fax to head office. Where Excel sheets are used, the formatting differs between stores. I also have a personal preference for photos, and would love to be able to include photo reports to send to head office.

Solution: A ‘Space’ for communication between stores can be created, and Apps can be built and customised to manage data efficiently.


  • All stores are able to share information with each other and with head office.
  • Electronic communication means a paperless environment
  • Formatting is unified and photo reports can be used
  • All records are archived
Tsuyoshi Endo

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Tsuyoshi Endo