kintone in action – Marketing

The kintone in action series introduces new ways kintone can operate in certain business environments. Today, we look at how kintone is handy in the marketing department.

Case Study: James Channing, Head of Marketing

Current Issue: Surveys are used daily in marketing, and creating them through unfamiliar platforms is time consuming and unreliable. It becomes a tedious process to gather and compile response statistics. Further, surveys sent through via email do not receive immediate attention, if any at all.

Solution: To solve this issue, kintone’s custom built survey app allows you to create and store surveys easily. Graphs and results can be exported quickly also.


  • Surveys can be created easily and sent through to the appropriate target
  • The respondent is able to reply swiftly at anytime, anywhere from the web or mobile phone
  • Graphs can also be modelled as soon as responses are collected
Tsuyoshi Endo

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Tsuyoshi Endo