kintone in action – Operational Support

The kintone in action series introduces new ways kintone can operate in certain business environments. Today, we look at how kintone is handy maximising communication efficiency.

Case Study: Cameron Taylor, Store Managing Director

Current Issue: Notices being received from head office are not being distributed effectively. The use of email and fax is confusing, and there is an overwhelming amount of tasks being sent. Searching for and prioritising tasks is a hassle, and identifying deadlines is difficult. As for the distributing end, head office cannot be sure as to who has received the necessary information and who has completed designated tasks.

Solution: kintone’s Notification App presents an effective way to communicate. Information such as the priority, deadline and status of a certain task can also be included and easily distributed and received.


  • All sent notices are recorded and easily searched for and located
  • The status and progress of notices can be managed and checked
  • Reminders can be sent if required action is not taken
Tsuyoshi Endo

Author Information:

Tsuyoshi Endo