kintone in action – Human Resources

The kintone in action series introduces new ways kintone can operate in certain business environments. Today, we look at how kintone is handy in the human resources department.

Case Study: Mariam Stevenson, Chief Human Resources Officer

Current Issue: Having worked in the human resources department for 7 years now, I have found that an ongoing issue is that it is often difficult to maintain countless staff records and keep them up to date. Each record is formatted differently, which means we are sent documents via email, fax, hard copy and the like. It is a hassle storing and organising the differing mediums, and communication between departments and managers is time consuming and ineffective.

Solution: To solve the mess, kintone is able to deploy an effective staff database which includes information such as photo ID, gender, office of employment and employment type.


  • Can be accessed and viewed by any manager at anytime, anywhere.
  • Staff can be searched by specifying search categories
  • Employee status can be kept track of (such as status of leave)
  • Work history and other related records (such as resumes and qualifications) can be managed on one platform
Tsuyoshi Endo

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Tsuyoshi Endo