kintone 101: Importing your Excel sheets

As you are probably aware, kintone allows you to directly import data contained in Excel spreadsheets to your App! This means there is no need to copy all your existing data manually. What’s even better is that it can be done in an instant!

Here’s how.

First, have your Excel document ready to go.

Now, add an App by selecting Create from Excel or CSV. 

Browse and select your desired Excel file to upload.

kintone will automatically detect and create App fields which match the fields in your Excel sheet! All that’s left to do is select Convert.

Your Excel data has now been successfully transformed into a kintone App!

You can now enjoy an Excel-like system, with all the benefits of a cloud App!

  • Sort and edit records from the table view
  • Access data even when you are away via your smartphone or laptop
  • View graphs and grasp trends in an instant
  • See each record in full, commenting on its contents when required with others
Tsuyoshi Endo

Author Information:

Tsuyoshi Endo