Our Story

kintone Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 2016 as a joint venture between local ventures in Sydney and Cybozu, a public trading IT vendor (at Tokyo Stock Exchange) providing leading teamwork software and cloud services for 6 million users worldwide including Fortune 500+ for 20 years. kintone Australia Pty Ltd provides kintone consulting and support services in ANZ region.

As local co-founders have lived in Sydney for nearly 30 years, we understand pain points and top concerning issues from our business customers in Australia. Recent years, human cost and operation cost has increased, and it gives huge pressure to our business customers particularly small medium business customers. On the other hand, as we are open immigration country of Australia, we have more and more diversity of our team members from worldwide. One of the top priorities for our business customers at this moment is how to increase productivity with diversity of the team members towards the same business goal.

Our approach is to leverage each team member’s creativity and motivation, and let them to build and run business applications with kintone in agile way, because team members understand their business process well, and they have intention to improve productivity as far as we give them permission. Let’s leverage all team members’ intelligence and let the teams to contribute ideas on how to run business much better, let them try by themselves, and make progress visible across the team, finally, lead the team onto a positive continuous-improvement and grow cycle. This is why Gartner categorizes kintone as one of major “Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service” products.

Because applications on kintone is easy to build and change and you don’t need to hire developers every time to build or change, it saves your IT budget, and further you can get flexibility of your system to adapt your business change need quickly, by your team members.

As one more thing, if you want to connect your kintone applications to your legacy systems, you still can hire developer to do so, because kintone also provides REST APIs for developers to do more deep integrations. In another word, kintone is a hybrid business application platform for either “non-coder” team members who know business well, or developers who know technology well, to co-build efficient business process together.

Those are essential points why we focus on help our business customers particularly small medium customers and teams in government and NPO as well on how to run business more efficiently with kintone. We commit to help your business grow, and let’s work together.