Complete your team’s work in one place

About Kintone Business apps +

Use Kintone to easily build business apps that fit your team and allow flexible communication with your team members.


What you can do with Kintone

Bring your cluttered data
together in one place
Use Kintone to clean up information clutter by consolidating your data and getting rid of your scattered spreadsheets, cumbersome email threads, piles of paper and mountains of attachment files.


Visualise data and communication to unify your team
Kintone mixes SNS-like communication tools with excel-like data management tools, allowing your team to freely visualise and share their data, as well as keep track of task progress.


Easy to use for the whole team
Use Kintone to visualise your team’s work and build an environment that is intuitive for team members across all positions and perspectives.


Choose when and where you work
Use Kintone to get to work anywhere, anytime. Kintone runs through your web browser, making it easily accessible on your phone, tablet or computer allowing you to work anyplace you have internet access.


3 Steps

Create. Use. Optimise.
DIY your own solutions, no technical IT skills required.

  1. Create
    • All necessary setups and items available
    • Excellent flexibility and scalability
    • Fits your business
  2. Use
    • Store the data you need
    • Handle data according to your processes
    • Accumulate knowledge
  3. Optimise
    • Change the look of your apps with ease
    • Instantly analyse your data
    • Customisation

Watch Kintone

Optimisation examples

Four patterns of business improvement

  • Shift from file management to data unity
    Kintone allows you to search through all data, including attachments, meaning you can eliminate the time spent looking for relevant data by consolidating your files in Kintone.
  • Increase efficiency by integrating data across apps
    With Data lookup and Related records, you never need to input the same data twice.
  • Transfer data from people to the platform
    Consolidate communication in your apps to stay on top of all tasks and avoid depending on individual team members.
  • Digital approval and workflow management
    Centralise data management and improve efficiency by going digital to ensure frictionless operations.

Basic functions

Tailor Kintone to fit your industry, your business and your team.

Entertainment Industry
Technical services
Real estate
Rental business
Quality Assurance
Customer Service
Admin & HR
Intellectual Property
Interaction between companies
Sales and Purchasing Management
Quotation Management
Application Services
Contact Management
Directory Management
Case Management
Billing Management
Recruitment/On-boarding Management
Sales Support
Franchise Management
Data Aggregation
File Management
Inventory Management
Attendance Management
Production Management
Daily Report / Reports
Content Management
Project Management
Form creation
Resource Management
Customer Management
Contract Management
Order Management
To-do list
VMD Management
Scales with your business
With Kintone you can add as many apps as you want.
Build as many apps as you require to tailor Kintone to your tasks.
Drive business transformation
from the bottom up
Getting started with Kintone is easy and painless, regardless of your skills, department or responsibilities.
Kintone empowers you and your fellow your team members to change the business from the bottom up.
Expand your possibilities
with a wide variety of extensions
With a wide range of 3rd-party integration services, including a wide selection of APIs and plugins, the possibilities for how you can make use of Kintone are limitless.